Publications of Neha Jain

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Jain, N. (2009). Between the Scylla and Charybdis of Prosecution and Reconciliation: The Khmer Rouge Trials and the Promise of International Criminal Justice. Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law, 20(2), 247–290.
Journal Article
Jain, N. (2009). The Khmer Rouge Tribunal Paves the Way for Additional Investigations. ASIL Insights, 13(23), 091202.
Journal Article
Jain, N. (2008). Forced Marriage as a Crime Against Humanity: Problems of Definition and Prosecution. Journal of International Criminal Justice, 6, 1013–1032.
Journal Article
Jain, N. (2008). Conceptualising Hybridisation in International Criminal Courts. Singapore Year Book of International Law, 12, 81–95.
Journal Article
Jain, N., Petit, R., & Ford, S. (2008). Exploring Critical Issues in Religious Genocide: Case Studies of Violence in Tibet, Iraq and Gujarat. Case Western Reserve International Law Journal, 40, 163–214.
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