Inequality: A Key Social Determinant

Gastvortrag in englischer Sprache am 30.11.2022, 17:00 Uhr

24. November 2022

Gastvortrag von Prof. Dr. em. Richard Wilkinson, FFPH, am Mittwoch, 30.11.2022, 17–19 Uhr, Max-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung von Kriminalität, Sicherheit und Recht, Freiburg, via Zoom | Gäste sind herzlich willkommen!

Societies with bigger income differences between rich and poor suffer from higher rates of a wide range of health and social problems, including poorer life expectancy, worse mental health, more violence, drug abuse, and lower levels of trust. The effects of inequality also reduce the prospects of moving towards envi­ron­mental sustainability, and our gen­eral willingness to pull to­­gether and provide mutual support. Prof. Dr. em. Wilkinson will also elaborate on social and psychological processes behind these patterns.

For nearly 50 years now, Prof. Dr. em. Richard Wilkinson has investigated the effects of income inequality which he found to produce a range of health and social problems. This work culminated in well-known TED talks and books (e.g., “The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better”, co-authored by Kate Pickett). In 2009, he co-founded The Equality Trust, a network aiming to reduce structural inequalities in the UK. In academic terms, Richard is Emeritus Professor of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School, Honorary Professor at University College London, and Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of York.

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