Department of Public Law

Completed Projects

Head of project: Phil­ipp Joh­ner
In recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, terrorists used weapons and explosive vests to kill or injure as many people possible. To effectively foil such attacks, one must identify perpetrators from a distance and stop them before they reach dense crowds. This is not possible using current means. more

Head of project: Sa­rah Prauns­män­del
In the quest for public security, communication is the most important operational resource used by police. When Ger­man police act in a preventive capacity, officers generally speak German while performing their duties. To over­come language barriers, the police may deviate from German, but there is no clear… more

Head of project: Fe­de­ri­co Lo­ren­zo Ra­maio­li
This comparative philosophy of law dissertation aims at formulating a new analytical approach to the Islamic legal tradition based on ‘juridical categories’, a concept that facilitates comprehension and understanding of juridical phenomena. more

Head of project: Ben­ja­min Rus­te­berg
This project deals with action-oriented measures of personal prevention in police law, which are linked to predic­tions that a particular person will behave unlaw­fully in the future. Such measures can be found in almost all areas of the special administrative law, ranging from reliability under commercial… more

Head of project: Laura Wallenfels
To limit the exercise of police powers, German public security law authorizes police to avert so-called dangers. That is, a ‘danger’ is a condition for legitimate use of police power. ‘Danger’ thereby is a term of art. Not all risks are ‘dan­gers’, and in the common doctrine, there is only a ‘danger’ in the case of… more

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