Equal Opportunity at the Institute

In order to prevent discrimination and reflect diversity, the Max Planck Society (MPG) has set itself the goal of ensuring that its decisions take into account all people of all sexes. A balanced employment of all genders, reinforced by equal opportunity policies and the compatibility of work with family life, are strongly promoted. Equality and the provision of equal opportunities are also important components of scientific excellence for all of us at the Institute. Consequently, the Institute’s own Gender Equality Officer is directly involved in all personnel, organizational, and social measures that affect questions of equality. The aim is to establish a work culture in which all employees can develop, irrespective of their gender.
In addition, the Max Planck Society offers targeted training courses in the field of equality, which are open to all employees of our Institute.


Mentoring in the MPG: Minerva-FemmeNet

Minerva-FemmeNet is the Max Planck Society’s mentoring program designed to support and encourage young female academics to pursue senior research careers and managerial positions (areas where women remain underrepresented).

Advancement of Women in the MPG: The Lise Meitner Excellence Program

Through the Lise Meitner Excellence Program, the Max Planck Society has created additional positions for excellent female researchers.

Further information

MuT-Mentoring and Training is a program for the in-service support and promotion of highly qualified young female scientists in Baden-Württemberg (source: Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at universities and academic institutions in Baden-Württemberg – LaKoG).

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