Expert Opinions

Its primary research obligations permitting, the Institute may agree to provide expert opinions in response to inquiries from courts and other appropriate public authorities concerning foreign, international, and comparative criminal law. Inquiries from attorneys and notaries can be answered only in exceptional circumstances. We thank you for your under­standing in this regard. All legal information is provided on a contract fee basis.

The provision of legal advice is neither the mission nor the responsibility of the Institute. We appreciate your under­standing that we are not in a position to offer legal assistance to private individuals.

The Institute is not obliged to answer specific inquiries and reserves the right to decline requests for information that do not fall within its scope of expertise or that exceed available resources.

Please direct requests for legal information to Dr. Konstanze Jarvers.

If you have additional questions but are unsure whom to address, please send your inquiry to the press & public relations officer or see the list of contact persons.

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