Cross-Departmental Projects

Rethinking Digital Media Regulation

The Internet and social media have triggered a radical shift in our digital media environment. Discourse production in society has moved onto a new medium and changed its structure and dynamic. The most fundamental features of this new environment have been a shift from an offline “broadcasting” to an online “participatory” communi­ca­tion model… more

The Dynamics of Recidivism

Questioning the Relationship Between Child Pornography and Child Sexual Abuse more

Triage in Pandemics: Legal and Ethical Perspectives

During the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous countries have experienced a scarcity of life-saving resources, including equipment (i.e., ventilators) and free space in intensive care units. Such situations raise difficult ethical and legal questions. Which criteria should be applied to select the patients who are to receive these scarce resources? Should… more

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