Guest Apartments

Guest Apartments

Welcome to the Max Planck Institute’s Guest Apartments!

A total of eight apartments are available to guests of the Institute.

The apartments are located in the administration building’s rear wing in Fürstenbergstraße 19, just a few steps away from the Institute’s main building in Günterstalstraße 73.

Due to size, seven of the eight apartments have been designed primarily for one person.

The eighth apartment has more generous dimensions and is designed to fit the needs of the physically disabled.
It can also be booked for a small group (max. 4 guests).

All apartments are furnished as follows:

  • Pantry kitchen.
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet.
  • Living-, sleeping- and working area.

Occupancy Policy

The apartments can be rented for 1 night to max. 3 months (180 nights). Unfortunately, a longer rental term is not possible for tax reasons.

Priority is given to Max Planck Society scholarship holders or guest researchers at the Institute, who have been accepted for a research stay in the library.

The apartments can only be rented by employees of our Institute in cases of exception (as a temporary measure).

Employees of other Max Planck Institutes or research groups of the Max Planck Society or other Institutes may rent the apartments for work purposes only.


Prices of accommodation include:

  • Bed linens, large and small towels
  • Weekly cleaning of the apartment
  • Final cleaning of the apartment at the end of stay

Please consider that the accommodation does not contain any meals.

General use

Tenants have general use of the following:

  • Washing machine and dryer (both coin-operated;
    coins are available at the reception of the Institute)
  • Key safe for arrival purposes (available 24/7)

Additional services at extra charge:

  • Extra bed (folding bed) in apartment (for max. 3 nights);
  • Parking space in the Institute’s underground garage;
    due to space restrictions, only 1 parking space is available for apartment guests


The equipment of our apartments

All apartments provide:

  • a pantry kitchen:
    with a sink, a Ceran stove with two hotplates and a refrigerator. The space-saving kitchen is equipped with all the necessary dishware, cutlery, an electric kettle and other cooking utensils
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet and blow dryer
  • Sleeping area with a bed and nightstand (incl. bedside lamp)
  • Working area:
    – large desk with drawers and an office chair
    – Internet connection (WLAN)
    – TV with satellite receivere
    – telephone
  • Living area with spacious built-in closets featuring lots of storage space for clothing, etc.
  • Dining area with a table and chair

There is a non-smoking policy for all apartments.

→ Have a look inside an apartment!


Our cleaning service:

Cleaning of the apartment once weekly
(announced one working day in advance)
– incl. bathroom
– incl. kitchen
– incl. garbage disposal
– incl. change of sheets and towels
Additionally, floor cleaning every week for rental contracts of 4 weeks or more.


Cleaning hours:

Monday until Friday always between 9:00 h and 12:00 h.

In order to perform steady cleaning services, we kindly ask all guests to leave the apartment during the announced cleaning hours.


Price list

1–2 nights
3–24 nights
monthly flat rate
each night thereafter
No. 224
51,00 €
35,00 €
  827,00 € flat rate
31,00 € per add. night
No. 226–236
48,00 €
32,00 €
  749,00 € flat rate
28,00 € per add. night
No. 240 double bed apt.
(1 person)
67,00 €
57,00 €
1.275,00 € flat rate
48,00 € per add. night
No. 240 double bed apt.
(2 persons)
75,00 €
66,00 €
1.529,00 € flat rate
57,00 € per add. night
Each additional person in 240
17,00 €
8,00 €
  186,00 € flat rate
 7,00 € per add. night


per day
per week
per month
Underground parking
2,00 €
10,00 €
40,00 €


Method of payment

Method of payment: Bank transfer

Reservation and travel plans

To inquire about rental vacancies, please use the form below.

You will receive a response to your request within several days.

If we are able to offer you accommodation, you will receive an offer asking you to confirm your booking by signing it and returning it to us.

Change in Travel Plans

Should your travel plans change, please inform us as soon as possible. We kindly remind you of our cancellation policy.

Please inform of us of your arrival date, at the latest 10 days prior to arrival (indicate day and especially time). This is important for organizing how you will receive the key to your accommodation.


Cancellation Policy and Cancellation Rates

The tenant/guest is entitled to withdraw from the contract. In case of a withdrawal from the contract/cancellation, the provider of accommodation (MPI) may claim reimbursement as follows:

Cancellation up to45 days prior to rental start10 % of the total rental charge
Cancellation up to44 to 33 days prior to rental start30 % of the total rental charge
Cancellation up to32 to 22 days prior to rental start60 % of the total rental charge
Cancellation up to21 to 12 days prior to rental start80 % of the total rental charge
Cancellation up to11 days prior to rental start – rental start 90 % of the total rental charge


The cancellation charges will be invoiced after the last day of the originally planned stay. If it is possible for the Institute to rent the apartment during the cancellation period, the amount of the new rental will be deducted from the cancellation charges. The basis of calculation for one night is the respective apartment price in Category 6.

Reporting obligation

Reporting Obligation of Guests and the Institute as Provider of Accommodation

As as provider of accommodation, we are required by law to register all our guests.

For this purpose, every guest is required to fill out and sign a registration form at the reception desk upon arrival/receipt of your key.

Please be ready to identify yourself with a valid passport or other valid identity document, as we are required to confirm your identity (according to Section 18 [4] of the Registration Act) by comparing the information on the form with your identity document.

Guests whose stay in Freiburg does not exceed 3 months are not required to register with the residents’ registration office (Bürgeramt).

Should you be staying in Freiburg for longer than 3 months and are renting an apartment with us for the short term (less than 3 months), you are required to register with the residents’ registration office (Bürgeramt) within 14 days of your arrival by stating your long-term residence.

We kindly ask you to refrain from stating the Institute as your landlord.

If you are not sure which address to use when you register, please send a short email to . We would be happy to provide you with an pre-filled registration form for use at the residents’ registration office (Bürgeramt) when you register yourself there.

General Information on Use of the Guest Apartments

[Printable version or DOWNLOAD of the General Information]

Guest Apartment Regulations (Fürstenbergstraße)

The Max Planck Institute has eight apartments that are available for guests and visiting scholars to rent. There are seven single-room apartments and one double-room apartment.

  • Single-room apartment: Suitable for individual occupancy. On request, an additional bed can be provided (at extra cost) for a limited number of nights.
  • Double-room apartment: Suitable for individual or multiple occupancy. Handicapped access. Fold-out couch allows for two additional guests.

To ensure that all guests enjoy a safe and pleasant stay, we kindly ask that you read and adhere to the Guest Apart­ment Regulations. Recognition and acceptance of the Guest Apartment Regulations is a prerequisite for the conclusion of a rental agreement.

1. Length of Stay, Cancellation Policy, Cancellation Charges

1.1. The guest apartments can be rented for a period of up to three months. An extension for another three months is possible after consultation with Housing (). Only those guests that are registered with Housing are permitted to stay overnight in the guest apartments.

1.2. Guests are entitled to cancel their reservation before arrival. However, in the event of any such cancellation, a fee is payable to the Max Planck Institute as follows:

Cancellation up to45 days before arrival10 % of the total rent
Cancellation44–33 days before arrival30 % of the total rent
Cancellation32–22 days before arrival60 % of the total rent
Cancellation21–12 days before arrival80 % of the total rent
Cancellation11 days or less before arrival90 % of the total rent


1.3. Invoicing of cancellation fees will take place after the expiry of the originally booked stay. Should it be possible for the Institute to rent the apartment during this period, the cancellation fees will be reduced accordingly.

2. Animals

For reasons of hygiene and safety, animals are not permitted in the guest apartments.

3. Duty of Care

Guests are obligated to treat the apartments, the items therein, the common rooms, and the surrounding gardens with care. Damage to the facilities or the loss of property (such as items from the apartments) must be reported to Housing without delay. If the damage or loss of property is the result of a guest's actions (or those of an invited visitor), costs are to be borne by the guest.

Please keep noise to an absolute minimum between 10 p m. and 7 a.m. (both inside the apartments and in the surrounding gardens). Whenever possible, please try to be quiet at all other times, too.

Smoking is not permitted in the guest apartments or common rooms. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard of the Fürstenbergstraße building.

Please do not fasten or affix anything (including nails, hooks, or tape) to the walls, doors, or furniture.

Changes are not to be made to the interior of the guest apartments or the common rooms.

Help us care for the environment: Please do not waste electricity and water.

Please take all personal objects with you once your stay is over, including leftover food and other consumables (e.g., washing powder).

4. Valuables, Insurance

4.1. The Institute accepts no liability for valuables, money, or other personal items stored in the guest apartments.

4.2. The Max Planck Institute does not possess a contents insurance policy.

5. Inventory, Room Key, Access Chip

5.1. Inventory

An inventory list is provided in each room. It is recommended that guests verify the presence of all inventory items upon arrival. If an item is missing, please report this to Housing within the first three days of your stay. Items that are missing at the end of a stay must be paid for and the last apartment guest will be invoiced accordingly.

5.2. Room key

For security reasons, the doors to the guest apartments, the building, and the courtyard are to be kept locked. Keys must be stored with care and not given to third parties. The loss of a key, accidental or not, will result in consid­er­able costs (e.g., replacement of multiple locks, new keys) that must be borne by the registered holder of the lost key. The loss of a key is to be reported to Housing immediately so that appropriate security measures can be taken. Key copies may not be made.

5.3. Access chips

Access chips must be kept with care and are not to be given to third parties. The loss of an access chip is to be reported without delay to . A new access chip can then be requested and issued.

6. Telephone, Internet, Mail

Each guest apartment is equipped with a fixed telephone (with its own number) and an Internet connection.

6.1. In-house telephone calls and Internet access are free. For external telephone calls we recommend the use of phone cards. A brochure with more information can be found in each guest apartment.

6.2. Mail can be addressed to the main building (Günterstalstraße 73) and collected from the guest mail box in the mail room (behind reception). Larger items will be stored for collection at the reception desk.

7. Cleaning, Rubbish Disposal, Airing

Guests are responsible for keeping their apartment clean and tidy and disposing of rubbish. In addition, pro­fession­al cleaning staff will clean the guest apartments once a week according to a previously arranged schedule.

The professional cleaners will clean the floors, surfaces, and bathroom. Towels and linen will be changed weekly. On the cleaning day, please keep the surfaces (e.g., tables and cooking/washing-up area) clear so that the apartment can be thoroughly cleaned. The cleaners will not assume any additional cleaning responsibilities and are instructed not to touch/move private items that are in the way.

In case of a stay longer than four weeks, an additional cleaning and moping of the floors will take place at an agreed time.

On the day of departure, the guest apartments are to be left clean and tidy. Dishes are to be washed and put back into the cupboards. All personal items must be removed from the room.

Housing can provide cleaning equipment and products if required (e.g., broom, dustpan and brush, cleaning towels). Please email .

7.1. Each apartment contains information concerning rubbish disposal and the city of Freiburg's recycling policy. Please separate your rubbish accordingly. Rubbish and recycling bins are located outside the entrance to the Füstenbergstraße building.

7.2. The guest apartments should be aired frequently. This is the responsibility of the guests. During the winter months, rooms may only be aired for short periods of time (up to 15 minutes). This should be done four times a day. When the windows are open, the radiators must be turned off.

8. Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer

Guests who use the washing machine and/or clothes dryer are responsible for their proper use. Instructions for both machines (in German and English) can be found in the information brochure located in each guest apartment.

Tokens for use are available at the main reception (Günterstalstraße 73).

The drying of clothes is only permitted in the laundry room. Clothes are not to be dried in the guest apartments.

Costs that result from negligent use of the washing machine and/or clothes dryer must be borne by the user.

9. Parking

Unfortunately, there are no designated parking spaces available for guests. However, for cars and other vehicles, ample parking options can be found in the streets around the guest apartments. Parking is mostly free.

To maintain access routes for emergency services, it is prohibited to park vehicles on the grounds of the Institute.

Parking spaces can be rented in the Institute's underground garage (GünterstaIstraße 73). For rates, please see the homepage.

Guests who rent a parking space in the underground garage must ensure that the garage door fully closes behind them. Failure to do so may result in legal liability, as this can enable unauthorized access to the building.

10. Arrival and Departure

Guests who arrive during the Institute's opening hours should go to the main reception desk (Günterstalstraße 73). A separate key safe is located at the entrance to the Fürstenbergstraße building for guests who arrive outside open­ing hours. Instructions for the key safe will be sent separately if required.

On the day of departure, room keys can either be returned to reception during opening hours or left on the table in the guest apartment.

11. Safety, Accident Prevention, Security

In case of fire, the fire brigade is to be notified by calling 0112 (from a mobile 112).

Hallways and staircases are to be kept free of clutter so that they can be used as emergency escape routes.

The nearest first aid kit is located in the laundry room.

In case of fire or another emergency, evacuate the building and gather at the nearest assembly point.

In order to ensure unhindered access for emergency services, the Fürstenbergstraße driveway can only be used for the short-term loading and unloading of goods.

Bicycles are not to be stored in the guest apartments, common rooms, or hallways. Bicycle racks are located at the entrance of the Fürstenbergstraße building.

Doors (especially those leading outside) are to be kept closed.

Windows and doors are to be kept closed during storms.

Third parties are not permitted to enter the Institute. All persons with authorized access are in the possession of an access chip.

Before operating electronic devices, please read the information brochure in each guest apartment.

The use of electrical kitchen appliances other than those already installed in the guest apartments is not permitted. This includes electric grills, woks, rice cookers, etc.

Please only use the electric kettle to heat water. Do not place anything else in it (tea, coffee, milk, etc.).

Naked flames, especially candles, are not permitted in the guest apartments.

Barbequing is not permitted on the Institute's premises.

Before leaving the apartment, please ensure that:

  • Electric appliances are switched off.
  • Lights are out.
  • Heaters are turned down.
  • Windows are properly closed.

12. Binding Nature of the Guest Apartment Regulations

All guests and their visitors are bound by the Guest Apartment Regulations.

Failure to comply with the Regulations can result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement.

13. Entry into Force

The Guest Apartment Regulations enter into force upon their Internet publication. All previous versions are null and void.


Single-Room Apartment: Dining corner


Single-Room Apartment: Built-in wardrobe


Double-Room Apartment: Bathroom


Double-Room Apartment: Built-in wardrobe


Foyer of the building with staircase to guest apartments (first floor)


Laundry room


Staircase leading up to the guest apartments (first floor)


Cleaning of the apartments


Single-Room Apartment: Sleeping area


Single-Room Apartment: Bathroom


Single-Room Apartment: Kitchenette


Double-Room Apartment: Bathroom


Single-Room Apartment: Studio (combined living/sleeping)


Single-Room Apartment: Working space


Double-Room Apartment: Living/dining


Double-Room Apartment: Cooking area


Double-Room Apartment: Built-in wardrobe


Double-Room Apartment: Bedroom


Another view of the courtyard


Smoking area in the courtyard


View from the apartment


Rear view of the building


Single-Room Apartment: View from the entryway

Photos: © MPI-CSL

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