Department of Criminal Law

Completed Projects

Constructing and Maintaining the Boundaries of Corruption

This international criminal law project examines the relationship between transnational anti-corruption standards and domestic criminal law and procedure. During the past three decades, a number of multilateral anti-corruption agreements have been negotiated by international organizations, including… more

Examining Prospective Jurors

The Sensitivities of Probing for Racial Bias more

Doing Jury Work

Proving Impartiality in State of Minnesota v. Derek Chauvin more

Surrogacy – Interdisciplinary Analysis and International Perspective

Surrogacy is an internationally controversial method of medically-assisted re­production. Legislation in Germany pro­scribes medical assistance in impreg­nating a surrogate and forbids acting as an agent between intended par­ents and surrogates. As a result, the practice of surrogacy is de facto… more

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