Max Planck Institute starts new podcast

September 14, 2021

Why do people commit crime? What role do individual predispositions and environmental factors play? How safe do we feel? How can criminal policy meet the needs of modern society and avert threats to public safety?

In the new podcast “Doing Time, Talking Crime,” researchers from the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law sit down to discuss these and many other research questions in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. The researchers talk about their projects, the difficulties they often encounter, and the scientific findings they have made. They take time to explain why the research conducted at the Max Planck Institute is so important for the society in which we live.

“Doing Time, Talking Crime” is aimed at the general public as well as students and researchers interested in issues related to psychology, criminology, and law. The podcast is recorded at Amps Factory Studios, Freiburg, Germany. The podcast is hosted by the Institute’s press officer, Anna Schaich (German episodes) and scientific translator, Dr. Chris­topher Murphy (English episodes).

All episodes of DOING TIME, TALKING CRIME are available on the MPI-CSL homepage and on ITunes and Spotify.

A Study of Virtual Bar Fights

Guest: Tim Barnum • 09/2021
In this episode Christopher Murphy sits down with Timothy Barnum to talk about good old-fashioned bar fights, with a particular empha­sis on the emotions and heated decisions that can lead to them erupting. Tim explains how an immersive, virtual-reality scenario using 360-degree video is currently being used to better understand what really goes on in our heads during such intense decision-making encounters.

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