Publications of Shenghui Qi

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Qi, S., & Oberwittler, D. (2009). On the Road to the Rule of Law: Crime, Crime Control, and Public Opinion in China. European Journal of Criminal Policy & Research, 15(1), 137–157.
Journal Article
Qi, S. (2005). Strike hard: Qi Shenghui reviews China's death penalty policy. China Review, 33, 6–9.
Journal Article
Qi, S. (2004). Analysis on the Internal Dynamics of Public Opinion in Support of Capital Punishment - the Fate of Capital Punishment. Criminal Law Review (Beijing), 15, 1–39.

Book (2)

Oberwittler, D., Qi, S., Kuang, L., Zeng, Y., Li, K., Liu, S., … Zhang, S. (2010). Zhongguo sixing taidu diaoyan baogao. (Criminal Law Research Center, Wuhan University & Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Max Planck Society, Eds.). Taipei, Taiwan: Yuanzhao chuban gongsi.
Oberwittler, D., & Qi, S. (2009). Public Opinion on the Death Penalty in China (Vol. 41) forschung aktuell | research in brief. Freiburg i. Br.: edition iuscrim.

Contribution to a Collected edition (1)

Contribution to a Collected edition
Qi, S. (2006). Sentencing for Capital Cases in China. In Z. Chen (Ed.), Strengthening the Defence in Death Penalty Cases (pp. 204–210). Beijing: Forum of Criminal Law Department of CASS - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
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