Publications of Randall Stephenson

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Stephenson, R. (2020). Durie v Gardiner: Public Libel Law and Stare Non Decisis. Modern Law Review, 83(3), 637–651. doi:10.1111/1468-2230.12524
Journal Article
Stephenson, R. (2019). A Truth-Seeking Justification for Press Freedom? Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 39(3), 681–704. Retrieved from
Journal Article
Stephenson, R. (2019). Restoring Accountability in Freedom of Expression Theory: Public Libel Law and Radical Whig Ideology. Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 56(1), 17–58. Retrieved from
Journal Article
Pepper, R., & Stephenson, R. (2007). Young v. Bella: Concurrent Liability in Defamation and Negligence; Freedom of Expression Values and the Checking Power of the Press. Advocates’ Quarterly, 33, 230–260. Retrieved from

Book (2)

Stephenson, R. (2018). A Crisis of Democratic Accountability: Public Libel Law and the Checking Function of the Press. Oxford: Hart. Retrieved from
Pepper, R., Morritt, D., Stephenson, R., & Ross, J. (2012). Canadian Defamation Law and Practice. Canada Law Book. Retrieved from
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