Dr. Willem Frankenhuis

Senior Researcher

Main Focus

Willem Franken­huis stud­ies how cog­ni­tion and be­ha­vi­or de­vel­op in harsh and un­pre­dict­able con­di­tions. His primary focus is on hid­den tal­ents, abil­it­ies that are en­hanced through ad­versity. He ad­di­tion­ally ex­am­ines reas­on­able re­sponses, be­ha­vi­or that can be un­der­stood as a re­sponse to the costs and be­ne­fits as­so­ci­ated with liv­ing in poverty.

Curriculum Vitae

Willem Franken­huis ob­tained his Psy­cho­logy BSc. (2005), Psy­cho­logy MSc. (2006), and Philo­sophy MA. (2006) from the Uni­versity of Am­s­ter­dam. In 2012, he re­ceived his Ph.D. in Bio­lo­gic­al An­thro­po­logy at the Uni­versity of Cali­for­nia, Los Angeles, be­fore be­com­ing a post-doc­tor­al re­search­er in the Cog­nit­ive De­vel­op­ment Cen­ter of the Cent­ral European University in Bud­apest, Hun­gary. In Decem­ber 2012, Willem Franken­huis joined the De­part­ment of De­vel­op­ment­al Psy­cho­logy of the Be­ha­vi­our­al Sci­ence In­sti­tute at Rad­boud Uni­versity in the Neth­er­lands as an As­sist­ant Pro­fess­or. There he at­tained the rank of As­so­ci­ate Pro­fess­or in Janu­ary of 2018. Since Septem­ber 2020, he is an As­so­ci­ate Pro­fess­or of Psy­cho­logy at Utrecht Uni­versity and a Seni­or Re­search­er at the MPI-CSL.


Short-Term Mindsets and Crime

Why are some people more likely to commit crime than others? Answers to this question, which is at the heart of criminology, can be grouped into two broad views. On the one hand, dispositional perspec­tives argue that stable factors within the individual, such as lack of self-control, lie at the roots of criminal conduct. Sociogenic perspec­tives… more

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