Previous Research Series

From 1980 until its recent reorganization, the Institute published monographs and anthologies, which were distributed in cooperation with the publishing house Duncker & Humblot. The research series of the Max Planck Institute for For­eign and International Criminal Law made available to the public not only dissertations and conference papers but also the results of major projects such as "National Criminal Law in a Comparative Legal Context" (13 English and 5 German volumes) or the study on telecommunications surveillance (S 156 and 157). Other volumes were devoted to the core topics of security (Barometer Sicherheit in Deutschland, BaSiD, K 171) and desistance (K 182) as well as victim research (K 175: victim-offender mediation; BC 4: victimology in the Balkans). The time-honored collection of foreign criminal laws in German translation, Sammlung ausländischer Strafgesetzbücher in deutscher Übersetzung (established by Franz von Liszt in 1884), is accompanied by scholarly introductions to foreign criminal law, some of which are of considerable scope.

The books can be acquired either through the Institute or directly from Duncker & Humblot. Some of them are now also available as free downloads.

The Contributions to Security Law, presenting the findings of the former Otto Hahn research group "Architecture of Security Law" (ArchiS), are also available free of charge.
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