Dr. Nora Scheidegger




Sexual Assault Laws

Heads of project: T. Hörnle, V. Ber­gel­son, M. Can­cio Me­liá, M. Mad­den Demp­sey, S. Green, J. Her­ring, M. Kagrell, C. Ler­ne­stedt, E. E. Mur­phy, N. Scheideg­ger, St. Schul­ho­fer, M. Thorburn
Traditional criminal laws defined sexual assault as a crime that required violence… more

From Coercion to Consent: Rape Law Reform in Switzerland

Head of project: Nora Scheidegger
Due to the reconceptualization of rape and other sexual offenses as violations of the victim’s sexual autonomy and in view of the obligations arising from international and regional human rights law, more and more European legal systems are… more

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