Future Law – Annual Conference of the Max Planck Law Network

25 – 27 October 2021 in Berlin

October 25, 2021

Law has always been confronted with a reality characterized by dissatisfaction, uncertainty, and incomprehension.  Yet, in the age of globalization, digitalization and disruption, it is more difficult than ever to count on law as means for shaping the future.  This, in turn, raises grave questions about the future of law.  How can law fulfill its steer­ing, ordering, legitimizing, and protecting functions?  How can law keep pace with social and technological de­vel­op­ments? How can law ensure its broad acceptance?

At the international Annual Conference of the Max Planck Law Network, researchers concerned with law and jurisprudence will discuss and analyze the diverse challenges facing law. Points of focus include, among others, the establishment of international relations and the future of Europe. The future of criminal law also will be discussed. New impulses in law and legal practice emerging from digitalization and artificial intelligence will be considered.  The program will serve as a forum for reflection on the foundational understanding of law and the self-understanding of legal research.

Max Planck Law is a consortium of ten Max Planck Institutes whose research focuses on law. This work extends to nearly every sub-discipline of law.  The aim of the Network is to advance interdisciplinary and international legal research through collaboration and cooperation among the Institutes.  Max Planck Law strengthens the Network of outstanding scholars of the law through a range of supportive programs, cooperation with international partners, and a variety of personal contacts with leading researchers throughout the world.

For more information: law.mpg.de.  

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