“Why Germany is Lagging behind in the Fight against Money Laundering”

Legal expert Benjamin Vogel talks to Deutschlandfunk

Non-transparent, poorly supervised, ineffectively prosecuted – according to a report by the radio station Deutsch­landfunk, Germany is considered a money laundering paradise. In the report, experts criticize that despite numer­ous legal reforms, conducting organized crime in Germany remains far too simple. For example, the supervision of real estate agents and notaries public is insufficient to effectively combat the money laundering risk posed. A fur­ther problem is that police and public prosecutors usually only prosecute money laundering when the predicate criminal offense is known.

Senior researcher and anti-money laundering expert Benjamin Vogel is of the opinion that "extremely powerful organized crime players" are active in Germany. He goes on to warn that past experience has shown that these players do not just stop at investments, but that they will "sooner or later begin to expand their social power and influence."

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