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Journal Article
McGloin, J. M., Thomas, K., Rowan, Z., & Deitzer, J. (2021). Can the group disincentivize offending? Considering opt-out thresholds and decision reversals. Criminology. doi:10.1111/1745-9125.12289
Journal Article
Deitzer, J., Leban, L., Copes, H., & Wilcox, S. (2021). Criminal self-efficacy and perceptions of risk and reward among women methamphetamine manufacturers. Justice Quarterly. doi:10.1080/07418825.2021.1901965
Journal Article
Deitzer, J., Leban, L., & Copes, H. (2019). “The times have changed, the dope has changed”: Women’s cooking roles and gender performances in shake methamphetamine markets. Criminology, 57(2), 268–288. Retrieved from
Journal Article
Webb, M., Deitzer, J., & Copes, H. (2017). Methamphetamine, symbolic boundaries, and using status. Deviant Behavior, 38(12), 1393–1405. Retrieved from
Journal Article
Copes, H., Leban, L., Kerley, K. R., & Deitzer, J. (2016). Identities, boundaries, and accounts of women methamphetamine users. Justice Quarterly, 33(1), 134–158. Retrieved from
Journal Article
Kerley, K. R., Deitzer, J., & Leban, L. (2014). Who is in control? How women in a halfway house use faith to recover from drug addiction. Religions, 5(3), 852–870. Retrieved from
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