Dominik Gerstner


Main Focus

  • Spa­tial Crime Ana­lys­is
  • Ju­ven­ile De­lin­quency
  • Quant­it­at­ive Meth­ods in the So­cial Sci­ences
  • Crim­in­o­lo­gic­al The­ory
  • So­cial Net­work Ana­lys­is

Curriculum Vitae

Domin­ik Ger­st­ner M.A. is a so­ci­olo­gist and postdoc at the Max Planck In­sti­tute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law. He has been in­volved in nu­mer­ous re­search pro­jects that have in­cor­por­ated as­pects of ap­plied em­pir­ic­al so­cial re­search, in­clud­ing stud­ies on the spa­tial dis­tri­bu­tion of crime, ad­oles­cent crim­in­al be­ha­vi­or, and se­cur­ity and life sat­is­fac­tion in neigh­bor­hood set­tings. His doc­tor­al thes­is ana­lyzes ju­ven­ile de­lin­quency in the con­text of friend­ship net­works. His cur­rent re­search fo­cusses on spa­ti­otem­por­al crime ana­lys­is with an em­phas­is on the eval­u­ation of ap­plied predic­tive poli­cing tech­no­logy in the fed­er­al state of Baden-Württem­berg.


The Virtual Burglary Project uses virtual reality (VR) versions of residential neighborhoods to study the behavior of burglars. Convicted burglars are invited to explore a neighborhood, select a target to burglarize, and commit a bur­glary in VR and to go about it just as they would in the real world. The VR system tracks all their behavior in real… more


Journal Article (8)

Journal Article
Helfferich, C., Gerstner, D., Knittel, T., Pflügler, C., & Schmidt, F. (2021). Unintended conceptions leading to wanted pregnancies – an integral perspective on pregnancy acceptance from a mixed-methods study in Germany. The European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care, 26(3), 227–232. doi:10.1080/13625187.2020.1870951
Journal Article
Janssen, H. J., Oberwittler, D., & Gerstner, D. (2019). Dissecting Disorder Perceptions: Neighborhood Structure and the Moderating Role of Interethnic Contact and Xenophobic Attitudes. International Criminal Justice Review. doi:10.1177/1057567719896020
Journal Article
Gerstner, D., Wickes, R., & Oberwittler, D. (2019). Collective Efficacy in Australian and German Neighborhoods: Testing Cross-Cultural Measurement Equivalence and Structural Correlates in a Multi-level SEM Framework. Social Indicators Research, 144(3), 1151–1177. doi:10.1007/s11205-019-02081-4
Journal Article
Gerstner, D. (2018). Predictive Policing in the Context of Residential Burglary: an Empirical Illustration on the Basis of a Pilot Project in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. European Journal for Security Research, 3(2), 115–138. doi:10.1007/s41125-018-0033-0
Journal Article
Gerstner, D., & Oberwittler, D. (2018). Who’s hanging out and what’s happening? A look at the interplay between unstructured socializing, crime propensity and delinquent peers using social network data. European journal of criminology: the journal of the European Society of Criminology, 15(1), 111–129. doi:10.1177/1477370817732194
Journal Article
Oberwittler, D., Janssen, H. J., & Gerstner, D. (2017). Unordnung und Unsicherheit in großstädtischen Wohn­gebie­ten: die überschätzte Rolle von "Broken Windows" und die Herausforderungen ethnischer Diversität. Soziale Probleme, 28(2), 181–205. doi:10.1007/s41059-017-0040-9
Journal Article
Gerstner, D., & Oberwittler, D. (2015). Wer kennt wen und was geht ab? Ein netzwerkanalytischer Blick auf die Rolle delinquenter Peers im Rahmen der Situational Action Theory. Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform, 98(3), 204–226. doi:10.1515/mks-2015-980304
Journal Article
Gerstner, D., & Oberwittler, D. (2011). Soziale Desorganisation und Gelegenheitsstrukturen: Differenzielle Wirkungen struktureller Bedingungen auf tatort- und wohnortbezogene Kriminalitätsbelastungen in den baden-württembergischen Gemeinden. Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform, 94(3), 149–177. doi:10.1515/mks-2011-940301

Book (4)

Gerstner, D. (2017). Predictive Policing als Instrument zur Prävention von Wohnungseinbruchdiebstahl: Evaluationsergebnisse zum Baden-Württembergischen Pilotprojekt P4 (Vol. 50) forschung aktuell | research in brief. Freiburg i. Br.: edition iuscrim. Retrieved from
Schubert, H., Oberwittler, D., Schartau, L., Planer, N., Nutz, A., Spieckermann, H., … Janssen, H. (2016). Sicherheitsempfinden älterer Menschen im Wohnquartier: ein Praxishandbuch für die Soziale Arbeit. Köln: Verlag Sozial-Raum-Management. Retrieved from
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