Archive of Events

Archive of Events

As threats to public security become more complex and global­ised, national and targeted security strategies are increasingly replaced by a European security architecture. This security approach, also visible in asylum and immigration policies, relies on the extensive use of personal data collected in large-scale databases which are rendered interoperable and searchable through modern and potentially self-learning technologies. [more]

Citizenship and Fragmentation in Criminal Law


Inequality: A Key Social Determinant

Guest Lecture (in English)
Societies with bigger income differences between rich and poor suffer from higher rates of a wide range of health and social problems, including poorer life expectancy, worse mental health, more violence, drug abuse, and lower levels of trust. The effects of inequality also reduce the prospects of moving towards envi­ron­mental sustainability, and our general willingness to pull to­gether and provide mutual support. Prof. Dr. em. Wilkinson will also elaborate on social and psychological processes behind these patterns. [more]

Beyond the Public and Private Distinction in Criminal Law Thought (external event)

Lecture within the session “Political Turn(s) in Criminal Law Theory”
Russia's invasion of Ukraine beckons the international community to adjust international law further, to deter future wars of aggression. One way to do that is to finally do an obvious thing that should have been done after World War II: make peace an actionable fundamental human right. This lecture will discuss both how to do that and the benefits of doing so. [more]

Immersive virtual reality: Criminology’s key enabling technology? (external event)

Conférence publique de l'Ecole des Sciences Criminelles
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