Professional Memberships and Activities

Dr. Wöss­ner is mem­ber of the European Com­mit­tee for the Pre­ven­tion of Tor­ture and In­hu­man or De­grad­ing Behaviour and Pun­ish­ment (CPT) in re­spect of Ger­many. She is Pro­ject Ex­pert in the HRZZ (Croation Sci­ence Found­a­tion) fun­ded Vi­ol­ence Re­search Lab. In ad­di­tion, Dr. Wöss­ner is a con­sult­ant of the De­part­ment for So­cial and Youth af­fairs of the Dis­trict Of­fice Bre­is­gau-Hoch­schwar­zwald. In ad­di­tion, Dr. Wöss­ner was a coun­selor for the arch­diocese Freiburg's ex­pert dis­cus­sion "Su­per­vi­sion after sexu­al vi­ol­a­tion" as well as mem­ber of the "Roundtable against Sexu­al Ab­use" (study group III) of the Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment, Ger­many.

Dr. Wöss­ner is/was Peer Re­view­er for

"Ag­gress­ive Be­ha­vi­or", "Amer­ic­an Psy­cho­logy-Law So­ci­ety", "Brit­ish Med­ic­al Journ­al", "Child and Ad­oles­cent Psy­chi­atry and Men­tal Health", "Clin­ic­al Medi­cine In­sights: Psy­chi­atry", "Crim­in­al Be­ha­viour and Men­tal Health", "Crim­in­al Justice and Be­ha­vi­or", "Deutsche Forschungs­ge­meinsch­aft (Ger­man Re­search Found­a­tion)", "HRZZ" (Croa­tian Sci­ence Found­a­tion), "Journ­al of Forensic Psy­chi­atry and Psy­cho­logy", "Journ­al of Of­fend­er Re­hab­il­it­a­tion", "Journ­al of Sexu­al Aggression", "Justice Quarterly", "Mon­atss­chrift für Krim­in­o­lo­gie und Stra­frecht­s­re­form", "Pun­ish­ment and So­ci­ety", "Restorat­ive Justice", "Sch­weizer Na­tion­al Fond", "The B.E. Journ­al of Eco­nom­ic Ana­lys­is and Policy", "Zeits­chrift für Arbeits- und Or­gan­isa­tion­s­psy­cho­lo­gie".

She is mem­ber of the

In ad­di­tion, Dr. Wöss­ner was

  • Steer­ing Com­mit­tee Mem­ber des MPG Lead­Net Sym­posi­ums 2018 und 2019
  • Sek­tionsgleich­s­tel­lungs­beau­ftragte der Geistes-, Sozi­al- und Hu­man­wis­senschaft­lichen Sek­tion der Max-Planck-Gesell­schaft (2009-2014)
  • Gleich­s­tel­lungs­beau­ftragte am Max-Planck-In­sti­tut (2008-2014)
  • Om­bud­sper­son am Max-Planck-In­sti­tut (2010-2014)
  • Wis­senschaft­liche Ref­er­entin für Presse- und Öf­fent­lich­keit­sarbeit der Ab­teilung Krim­in­o­lo­gie (2006-2010)
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