Projects Criminal Law – Prof. Sieber, Head of Department of Criminal Law until 30 November 2019

  1. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Dissertation, Individual research project, Completed

    Re­spons­ib­il­ity and Sanc­tion­ing of Cor­por­a­tions: The Role of Com­pli­ance Meas­ures

    Project Lead: Marc Engelhart

    Cases such as the bribery scandal at Siemens pose the question of the sanctioning of corporations and the necessity of in-house measures for the prevention of criminal activity. This study analyzes the German and US-American law of corporate sanctions, paying special attention to new forms of "regulated self-regulation" (especially the so-called compliance measures). Proposals for the reform of t…

  2. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Gen­er­al Leg­al Prin­ciples of In­ter­na­tion­al Crim­in­al Law on the Crim­in­al Li­ab­il­ity of Lead­ers of Crim­in­al Groups and Net­works

    Project Lead: Jan-Michael Simon, Ulrich Sieber, Hans-Georg Koch

    The leaders of organized offender groups and networks usually act in the background, avoiding any direct participation in criminal activities. This project examines how 43 legal systems handle the accountability and evidentiary problems that typically arise in such cases. In the process, new methodological approaches to comparative criminal law are tested. The goal is to support the development i…

  3. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Completed

    Re­think­ing Money Laun­der­ing and Fin­an­cial In­vest­ig­a­tions

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich Sieber, Dr. Benjamin Vogel LL.M., Dr. Jean-Baptiste Maillart

    While Anti-Money Laundering instruments are ever increasing in scope and complexity, policymakers have often lost sight of the objectives pursued. As a consequence, legislation is, in many cases, shaped by unrealistic political expectations and inconsistent design. Against this backdrop, this book explains key deficiencies of existing law and develops policy proposals to enhance both effectivenes…

  4. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Crim­in­al Law in Re­ac­tion to State Crime

    Project Lead: Ulrich Sieber, Albin Eser, Jörg Arnold

    This project studies the functions and limits of criminal law in the processes of replacing pre-democratic political systems and of coming to terms with the wrongdoing of the old system in transitional or transformation societies. In the final analysis, there is no "best way" of employing the criminal law to deal with the past following political system change. Each individual country’s approach …

  5. Criminology, Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Stra­frecht­s­re­for­men in Mexiko

    Project Lead: Jan-Michael Simon, Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Alvaro Vizcainos, Dr. Gerardo Laveaga, Ulrich Sieber

    Project description only available in German.

  6. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed


    Project Lead: Pablo Galain Palermo, Jan-Michael Simon

    The project examines the limits of criminal law with respect to its identity-defining function and its ability to direct the course of society. Findings regarding this function of punishment can already be read in E. Durkheim’s work; however, there has been a lack of studies specifically focused on national criminal law up until now. This research gap needs to be closed, especially in light of an…

  7. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    The Status of Ex­tracor­por­eal Em­bry­os

    Project Lead: Albin Eser, Hans-Georg Koch

    This interdisciplinary, cooperative comparative law project examines the extent to which legal systems with differing socio-cultural backgrounds provide (criminal) law protection to in vitro embryos and what (controlled?) freedoms they grant to the practice of reproductive medicine and research on embryos. Possibilities and limits of international consensus-building are presented and approaches f…