Projects Criminal Law – Prof. Sieber, Head of Department of Criminal Law until 30 November 2019

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  1. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Collaborative project, Completed

    The Lim­its of Crim­in­al Law

    Project Lead: Dr. Benjamin Vogel LL.M., Dr. Matthew Dyson (Universität Oxford), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich Sieber

    The Limits of Criminal Law shines light from the outer edges of the criminal law in to better understand its core. From a framework of core principles, different borders are explored to test out where criminal law’s normative or performative limits are, in particular, the borders of crime with tort, non-criminal enforcement, medical law, business regulation, administrative sanctions, counter-terr…

  2. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Referatsprojekt, Completed

    Project Lead: Jan-Michael Simon

  3. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Dissertation, Individual research project, Completed

    Re­fer­ral Prac­tice of Cases from In­ter­na­tion­al to Na­tion­al Justice Mech­an­isms

    Project Lead: Dr. Jennifer Schuetze-Reymann

    A crucial component of the UN Security Council Completion Strategy, the ICTY and ICTR referral practice to national courts concretely illustrates various legal challenges that arise from pluralistic accountability mechanisms. By analyzing legal problems highlighted by this practice, identifying possible root causes, and formulating potential solutions that may also be relevant for the ICC, this p…

  4. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    An In­ter­na­tion­al Com­par­at­ive Study of Com­puter Crime Laws

    Project Lead: Ulrich Sieber

    As part of this project, existing laws on computer offenses will be examined in comparative fashion. The goal is to identify the current state of international and national computer crime legislation, examine best practices and alternative strategies, and clarify issues of legal harmonization.

  5. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Re­think­ing European Crim­in­al Justice

    Project Lead: Ulrich Sieber

    The central challenge in creating a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice is the co-ordination of the different European criminal justice systems. This is necessary because criminals operating internationally cannot be prosecuted successfully using national criminal justice systems the validity of whose decisions is territorially limited. Instead a co-ordinated prosecution system with ju…