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  1. Criminology, Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Ap­plic­a­tion and Ef­fi­ciency of the Ger­man Crim­in­al Ap­peals Pro­cess in Light of In­ter­na­tion­al Stand­ards

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Jörg Kinzig, Dr. Monika Becker

    This research project is an expert's report on criminal appeals on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Justice. It aims to show the practice and efficiency of the German system in comparison to other legal systems throughout the world. The political background are numerous reform projects by the Bundesrat, the House of the Federal States, and the Bundestag, the House of Parliament, as well a…

  2. Criminology, Research project, Individual research project, Completed

    Op­fer von SED-Un­recht

    Project Lead: Dr. Ulrich Baumann

    Project description only available in German.

  3. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    Vic­tim Rights and Com­pens­a­tion in an In­ter­na­tion­al Com­par­is­on: France, Aus­tria, Ger­many

    Project Lead: Michael Würger

    The focus of the project was on the position of victims in traditional criminal proceedings on the one hand and on compensation (both material and symbolic) on the other. In consequence of the intensified focus on the victim, reflections on compensation have met with increased international attention. In contrast to the USA, few empirical studies are available for the European countries so far. T…

  4. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    Stra­frecht­sentwicklung in Europa

    Project Lead: Dr. Barbara Huber

    Project description only available in German.

  5. Criminology, Expert Opinion, Departmental project, Completed

    Drug Traf­fick­ing and Re­lated Or­gan­ized Crime in Rus­sia

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Letizia Paoli, Jacov Gilinskiy, Yakov Kostjukovski, Maya Rusakova, Irina Korobko, Ljudmila Majorowa, Ljudmila Obidina, Eliko Ciklauri-Lammich

    The present study was carried out on behalf of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (UNODCCP). It is a part of the larger project “Immediate Technical Assistance on the Control and Prevention of Drugs and Related Organised Crime in the Russian Federation”, which was launched by the UNODCCP early in 1999.

  6. Criminology, Dissertation, Individual research project, Completed


    Project Lead: Dr. Sven Höfer

    Project description only available in German.