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  1. Criminology, Completed

    Tod in Haft

    Project Lead: Dr. iur. Aleksandr Khechumyan

    Project description only available in German.

  2. Criminology, Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Se­cur­ity Re­search Dia­logue

    Project Lead: Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Peter Zoche M.A. (Fraunhofer ISI Karlsruhe)

    The project is part of a larger research program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research concerning civil security (the project is a component in the Ministry’s so-called Hightech Strategy). The project "Security Research Dialogue: Supporting Role" is led by the Fraunhofer Society’s Institute for Systems and Innovation Research. Further project partners are the Max Planck Institute and …

  3. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Referatsprojekt, Completed

    Project Lead: Jan-Michael Simon

  4. Criminology, Dissertation, Individual research project, Completed

    The Ef­fect of In­tens­ive Pro­ba­tion on Ju­ven­ile and Ad­oles­cent In­tens­ive Of­fend­ers

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Rita Haverkamp

    This evaluation of the pilot project "Rubikon" (initiated by the probation services of Munich District Court I), assesses the implementation and results of an intensive probation program for juvenile and adolescent offenders who require additional supervision while on probation or parole. The evaluation places particular emphasis on conditions and factors that may improve the likelihood of crimin…

  5. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Dissertation, Individual research project, Completed

    Re­fer­ral Prac­tice of Cases from In­ter­na­tion­al to Na­tion­al Justice Mech­an­isms

    Project Lead: Dr. Jennifer Schuetze-Reymann

    A crucial component of the UN Security Council Completion Strategy, the ICTY and ICTR referral practice to national courts concretely illustrates various legal challenges that arise from pluralistic accountability mechanisms. By analyzing legal problems highlighted by this practice, identifying possible root causes, and formulating potential solutions that may also be relevant for the ICC, this p…

  6. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    An In­ter­na­tion­al Com­par­at­ive Study of Com­puter Crime Laws

    Project Lead: Ulrich Sieber

    As part of this project, existing laws on computer offenses will be examined in comparative fashion. The goal is to identify the current state of international and national computer crime legislation, examine best practices and alternative strategies, and clarify issues of legal harmonization.

  7. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Re­think­ing European Crim­in­al Justice

    Project Lead: Ulrich Sieber

    The central challenge in creating a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice is the co-ordination of the different European criminal justice systems. This is necessary because criminals operating internationally cannot be prosecuted successfully using national criminal justice systems the validity of whose decisions is territorially limited. Instead a co-ordinated prosecution system with ju…

  8. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Institute project, Completed

    European Crim­in­al De­fense

    Project Lead: Jörg Arnold

    While European prosecution has expanded, the right to defense has not received sufficient attention. Hence, this study analyzes various possibilities of providing for an aggregate balance in criminal proceedings through the creation of a "European" criminal defense and suggests original approaches for the solution of these problems.

  9. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Individual research project, Completed

    Mon­et­ized Justice

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Patricia Faraldo Cabana

    Monetary penalties and compensations are ubiquitous. They outnumber all other sanctions delivered by criminal justice in many European countries. In a monetized society, in which money is increasingly available and all objects can be exchanged for money, fines take on new meanings, which will be investigated in the context of this project. It will be taken into account that the fine is the only t…

  10. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    Crim­in­al Vic­tim­iz­a­tion and Per­cep­tions of Crime and In­sec­ur­it­ies in Cross-Coun­try Per­spect­ive

    Project Lead: Dietrich Oberwittler, Dina Hummelsheim-Doss

    The research project is designed to analyze the European Crime and Safety Survey 2005 (EUICS) and a number of other European representative surveys. Based on the data obtained from these analyses, it is the intention of the project to provide a cross-country empirical analysis of perceptions, attitudes and experiences of crime.

  11. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    Po­lice and Ad­oles­cents in Multi-Eth­nic So­ci­et­ies (POL­IS)

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Roché, Dietrich Oberwittler, Hans-Jörg Albrecht

    From the 1980s onwards, France has faced a series of violent riots in urban agglomerations, culminating in the autumn 2005 riots which continued for several weeks and spread to most of France’s major cities. As in the case of earlier riots in Great Britain, this drew broad attention across Europe and provoked the question of whether riots could also be expected in other countries. In both Germany…

  12. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    FI­DU­CIA – New European Crimes and Trust-based Policy

    Project Lead: Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Prof. Dr. Rita Haverkamp

    Article 1 of the Treaty of Amsterdam (1997) establishes the European Union as an area of freedom, security, and justice. This has been bolstered by the Council of the European Union's emphasis on the importance of appropriate measures to prevent and combat crime (see, for example, Stockholm Programme 2010-2014 or the Internal Security Strategy 2010). Yet, to maintain security and prevent crime, c…

  13. Criminology, Research project, Institute project, Completed

    Com­par­is­on of the Struc­tures of Crim­in­al Law

    Project Lead: Albin Eser, Prof. Dr. Walter Perron (Universität Freiburg)

    In this project, the substantive criminal law of various countries is examined with respect to similarities and differences; special attention is paid to the specific interplay of normative rules and practical application. Hypothetical case scenarios involving the killing of an abusive spouse were designed in order to examine how the scenarios are categorized in each country under study and how t…

  14. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Research project, Referatsprojekt, Completed

    Pos­sib­il­it­ies and Lim­its of the Crim­in­al Law against Phar­ma­ceut­ic­al Coun­ter­feit­ing

    Project Lead: Hans-Georg Koch

    Counterfeit medications threaten the life and health of their users. Thus, their importance far exceeds the damage they, as pirated copies, cause the original producers. This comparative law project studies the various methods by which affected countries seek to protect the pharmaceutical sector from counterfeit products and how they counter offenses committed by increasingly internationally-oper…

  15. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    Gov­ern­ing through Pun­ish­ment

    Project Lead: Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Dr. Su Jiang (Law School, Peking University, China)

    In recent decades, prison population increases in many countries have meant that the questions surrounding the scale of imprisonment have attracted more attention than any other issue in the field of criminal justice. While the institution of the prison is a universal characteristic of modern nations, imprisonment rates vary substantially from place to place and over time. Social, economic and hi…

  16. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    Fa­mili­al Hom­icide-Sui­cide in European Coun­tries / The European Hom­icide-Sui­cide Study (EH­SS)

    Project Lead: Dietrich Oberwittler

    Homicides followed by the suicide of the perpetrator (hereafter HS) are a rare yet very serious form of interpersonal violence which occurs mainly in partnerships and families. There has been very little systematic research on HS. The aim of the study is to collect total samples of HS in Germany and other European countries (Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Poland, England & Wales, Switzerland) for a…

  17. Criminal Law (Prof. Sieber), Dissertation, Individual research project, Completed

    Lim­its of Crim­in­al Law in Ter­ror­ism Le­gis­la­tion

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich Sieber

    In many Western countries, the unprecedented global terrorism has led to an extensive expansion of the criminal law dealing with remote forms of risk, a development that poses new questions about the constitutional limits of criminal law. This project analyzes and compares the criteria currently discussed in Germany and England to limit the scope of criminal law in relation to anti-terror legisla…