Albrecht, H.-J., Kilchling, M., & Braun, E. (Eds.). (2002). Criminal Preventive Risk Assessment in the Law-Making Procedure (Vol. K 102) Criminological Research Reports from the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law. Freiburg i. Br.: edition iuscrim.
The issue of anticipatory crime risk assessment combines more procedural aspects of legislation and law-making on the one hand with mainly substantive aspects of crime prevention and the possibility of a reliable exante assessment well as expost evaluation of crime risks on the other hand. This publication brings together, for the first time, the various perspectives and theoretical frameworks together that have not yet been explored to a satisfactory extent in most of the E.U. member states. Particular attention is paid on the question of whether the idea of an institutionalized criminological risk assessment process within the law making procedure can be used to develop a new, pro-active approach to the prevention or, at least, the risk reduction of organised crime.