Living Together and Living Safely in Times of Corona © Eric Weber/Unsplash (links) und Tim Hüfner/Unsplash (rechts)

On October 19, the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law launched a survey of several thousand citizens in a total of 140 residential areas in Cologne and Essen. The research team headed by Professor Dietrich Oberwittler aims to gain new insights into coexistence and security in metropolitan residential areas and is asking the randomly selected residents to fill out a 12-page questionnaire. The Max Planck Institute already conducted a similar survey in 2014. Now the researchers are eager to find out how social cohesion and the feeling of security have changed in recent years. The Max Planck Institute has set up a telephone hotline (0761 / 7081280) and an email address ( for queries.