Equal Opportunities and the Balancing of Family and Career © privat | MPI-CSL

Maja Werner, Carolin Hillemanns, and Jelena Schulz are the new Gender Equality Officers at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law. Their tasks are to promote and foster balanced employment and ensure equal opportunities for both genders. They are committed to helping employees balance career and family life. At the Institute, the Gender Equality Officers are involved in all personnel, organizational, and social measures relating to equality issues. They are there to answer all employees’ questions and resolve problems regarding equality.

  • Doctoral student Maja Werner (Gender Equality Officer) conducts research on police law in the Department of Public Law.
  • Carolin Hillemanns (1st Deputy Gender Equality Officer), who holds a doctorate in law, is the Institute’s research coordinator and head of the Editing and Press Department.
  • Assistant librarian Jelena Schulz (2nd Deputy Gender Equality Officer) works in the Institute's library.