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Date: 14 October 2020 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: Max Planck Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law, Günterstalstraße 73, 79100 Freiburg im Breisgau
Organized by: Benjamin Vogel/Anna Schaich

Online Event on “New Ideas against Money Laundering”


  • the cur­rent dis­cus­sion on a re­form of the money laun­der­ing para­graph
  • Prob­lems and po­ten­tial of the Fin­an­cial In­tel­li­gence Unit
  • the su­per­vi­sion of fin­an­cial ser­vices pro­viders
  • cur­rent re­form pro­jects of the European Com­mis­sion


  • Pro­fess­or Ul­rich Sieber, Dir­ect­or Emer­it­us at the Max Planck In­sti­tute  
  • Dr. Ben­jamin Vo­gel, head of the re­search pro­ject "Il­leg­al Fin­an­cial Flows" at the Max Planck In­sti­tute
  • Jür­gen Storbe­ck, former Dir­ect­or of Euro­pol

Link: ht­tps://mpic­sl-de.zoom.us/j/99511086960?pwd=MEl2U093WG40aVJIekN0S­mVJT­WJ­FUT09 (ID 995 1108 6960. Passcode: 550633)

The event will be held in Ger­man. An in­ter­na­tion­al press con­fer­ence is to fol­low soon.