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Date: 06/29/2020 - 06/30/2020
Location: Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London / UK - External event

In re­cent years there have been sig­ni­fic­ant chal­lenges to tra­di­tion­al con­cepts of jur­is­dic­tion in the crim­in­al law. The in­creas­ing com­plex­ity of cer­tain fin­an­cial trans­ac­tions and the ad­vent of tech­no­lo­gies like crypto­cur­ren­cies have raised ques­tions about where con­duct has taken place, and the au­thor­ity of cer­tain na­tion­ally-based agen­cies to in­vest­ig­ate and pro­sec­ute of­fences. In re­sponse, states have claimed jur­is­dic­tion over con­duct which takes place in for­eign coun­tries where its only nex­us is based on the na­tion­al­ity of the act­ors or vic­tims, par­tic­u­lar state in­terests im­plic­ated by the crime, or in­deed, even the ‘wrong­ful­ness’ of the con­duct. In ad­di­tion, the de­vel­op­ment of the in­ter­net con­tin­ues to raise com­plex ques­tions about the re­la­tion­ship between ‘cy­ber­space’ and par­tic­u­lar geo­graph­ic­al loc­al­it­ies al­to­geth­er.

The aca­dem­ic lit­er­at­ure on jur­is­dic­tion has been slow to re­spond to these chal­lenges. There is an ex­tens­ive prac­tic­al/prac­ti­tion­er lit­er­at­ure, primar­ily fo­cused on the de­vel­op­ment of solu­tions to is­sues as they come up in prac­tice, while oth­er jur­is­dic­tion­al de­bates are oc­cur­ring in aca­dem­ic silos without broad­er en­gage­ment with the over­arch­ing con­cepts. The concept of ter­rit­ori­al jur­is­dic­tion re­mains cent­ral to both the in­vest­ig­a­tion and pro­sec­u­tion of crim­in­al of­fences today not­with­stand­ing the new de­vel­op­ments. The aim of the work­shop would thus be to bring to­geth­er prac­ti­tion­ers and aca­dem­ics to re­flect on the chal­lenges to con­cepts of jur­is­dic­tion and to stim­u­late new per­spect­ives on jur­is­dic­tion and the crim­in­al law.

N.B. a con­fer­ence re­gis­tra­tion fee will ap­ply though there will be dis­coun­ted rates for early ca­reer re­search­ers and post­gradu­ates.

Aca­dem­ic Dir­ect­ors:

Pro­fess­or Lind­say Farm­er • Uni­versity of Glas­gow

Pro­fess­or Ju­lia Hörnle • Queen Mary Uni­versity of Lon­don

Dr. Micheál Ó Floinn • Uni­versity of Glas­gow

Pro­fess­or Dav­id Or­merod QC • Law Com­mis­sion­er and Uni­versity Col­lege Lon­don