The Library is currently closed for day-guests! Thank you for your understanding.

Information for external users

External users with a research interest may be granted access to the library as day guests. A written request must be submitted in advance.

Faculty members of the University of Freiburg or other Freiburg universities and colleges as well as their assistants will find information on access to the library on the page Faculty members (FR) .

The library is open to day guests during the Institute's opening hours. Day guests who have been granted access for one day, however, are asked to arrive during the library's service hours. On their first visit, the same applies to day guests with special permission to use the library for several days.

If you would like to submit a written request to use the library as a day guest, please fill out the online form below. You can expect to receive a reply from us within 1 to 2 working days.

Request for access to the library

Please list here the publications that you would like to use in the MPI library that are not available elsewhere in Freiburg.