Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Trustees

A Scientific Advisory Board composed of internationally recognized scientists is constituted for each Institute of the Max Planck Society. Its main responsibility is to engage in periodic evaluations of the Institute’s scientific performance and to submit reports based on these findings to the president of the Society. This procedure, which forms the backbone of the Society’s system of self-monitoring, is also a means of demonstrating accountability to the public with respect to the appropriate and effective use of public funding. In addition, the Board operates as an independent external advisory committee to those bodies of the Max Planck Society that, pursuant its Statutes, are responsible for decisions concerning the development of the individual Institutes and of the Society as a whole. Regular evaluations are conducted every three years, extended evaluations every six years. The chairperson and members of the Scientific Advisory Board are appointed by the president of the Max Planck Society on the basis of suggestions from the Institute’s directors. As a rule, the term of office for an advisory board member is six years; under certain circumstances, this period in office may be extended for one additional three-year period.

The primary responsibility of the Board of Trustees is to promote ties between the Institute and the public – especially those individuals and institutions with a particular interest in the research undertaken at the Institute. It is also responsible for fostering the trust of the general public in the work conducted at the Institute, which is independent and autonomous in the selection and execution of its research pursuits, and it functions as an intermediary for issues of Institute concern. The Board is comprised of high-ranking representatives of the judiciary and the fields of politics, industry, science, and the media and of other individuals who are in a position to provide significant support to the Institute. The term of office of the Board is six years. Trustees are appointed by the president of the Max Planck Society based on recommendations from the Institute’s directors.