Dr. Heleen Johanna Janssen

Senior Researcher
Independent research group Space, Contexts, and Crime
+49 761 7081-0



The ma­jor goal of this study is to ad­vance the un­der­stand­ing of struc­tur­al con­di­tions and so­cial pro­cesses in re­la­tion to crime prob­lems in urb­an neigh­bor­hoods in a lon­git­ud­in­al per­spect­ive. Res­id­ents’ sub­ject­ive per­cep­tions of dis­order and crime as well as col­lect­ive so­cial cap­it­al are key mech­an­isms in the com­plex so­cial pro­cesses shap­ing the… more

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