Coca Vila, I. (2021). La pena de multa en serio : Reflexiones sobre su dimensión y aseguramiento aflictivos a través del delito de quebrantamiento de condena (art. 468 CP). InDret : Revista para el Análisis del Derecho, 2021(3), 69–99. doi:10.31009/InDret.2021.i3.03
The risk of the monetary-fine´s hard treatment being transferred to third parties seems to make it an unsuitable punishment for serious crimes. In this article, I argue that the monetary-fine should not be understood as a simple deprivation of money, but as a punishment that reduces the offender's capacity to consume for a certain period of time. Conceived in this manner, I argue that it is the offender who should bear the hard treatment of the monetary-fine. In contrast to the general practice in the legal scholarship and jurisprudence, I also examine the existing legal means available to ensure the fine’s enforcement. In particular, I argue that the transfer of the hard treatment of the fine to a third party may be an offense, more specifically obstruction of punishment (art. 468 CP). The defense of the afflictive-personal nature of the monetary-fine penalty undertaken here is a necessary condition to move towards custodial sentences being progressively abandoned.