Bampasika, E.-V. (2021). Artificial Intelligence as Evidence in Criminal Trial. In CEUR Workshop Proceedings (Vol. 2844, pp. 133–138). Athens. Retrieved from
This paper touches upon the intertwining of AI technology and criminal justice systems and assesses especially the issue of using AI as an evidence-generating mechanism in criminal trials. The paper revolves, in particular, around three focal points. Firstly, it sets the context for the following analysis and gives a short definition of AI. Secondly, it examines some thorny parameters of the evidentiary proceedings and focuses on the most important AI weaknesses that could jeopardise the smooth incorporation of AI in the criminal justice systems. Thirdly, it presents the ways in which AI could affect basic procedural rights of the defendant and concludes with some safety requirements and suggestions that could facilitate the transition to an AI-criminal-justice-era.