Jan Si­mon is an ex­pert on La­tin Ame­ri­ca, com­bi­ning re­gu­lar­ly re­se­arch with field­work. In the re­gi­on, he has be­en in­vol­ved in re­form pro­ces­ses of the na­tio­nal se­cu­ri­ty and ju­sti­ce sec­tors of va­rious coun­tries (e.g. Bo­li­via, Ecua­dor, Gua­te­ma­la, Hon­du­ras, Me­xi­co, Pe­ru). In Cen­tral Ame­ri­ca, and un­der the aus­pi­ces of the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­si­on, the Or­ga­ni­za­ti­on of Ame­ri­can States and the Uni­ted Na­ti­ons, he par­ti­ci­pa­ted in se­ver­al in­ter­na­tio­nal ru­le-of-law missi­ons against hu­man rights vio­la­ti­ons, cor­rup­ti­on and or­ga­ni­zed cri­me. He has ac­ted as an ex­pert wit­ness be­fo­re the In­ter-Ame­ri­can Court of Hu­man Rights and con­tri­bu­ted to in­itia­ti­ves de­ve­lo­ped by ci­vil so­cie­ty or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons on the pro­tec­ti­on of hu­man rights and ju­di­ci­al in­de­pen­dence in La­tin Ame­ri­can coun­tries.

He is a ho­no­ra­ry pro­fes­sor at the law fa­cul­ty of Uni­ver­si­dad Nacio­nal/Huá­nu­co and vi­si­ting pro­fes­sor at the law fa­cul­ty of Uni­ver­si­dad Cató­li­ca de San­ta María/Are­qui­pa, and has be­en awar­ded ho­no­ra­ry doc­to­ral de­grees from Uni­ver­si­dad San Pe­dro/Chim­bo­te, Uni­ver­si­dad An­di­na/Ju­lia­ca, and Uni­ver­si­dad Par­ti­cu­lar de Chic­layo/Chic­layo (all from Pe­ru). In Sep­tem­ber 2020, he was elec­ted For­eign Cor­re­spon­ding Mem­ber of the Me­xi­can Aca­de­my of Penal Sciences.

Jan-Michael Simon