Lisa Natter



Lisa Natter graduated from the University of Freiburg in 2019 with a master’s degree in sociology. Her thesis, for which she was awarded an Alumni Prize from the Faculty of Philosophy, analyzed the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on feelings of insecurity through a European, cross-national perspective. Joining the MPI in December 2019, Lisa Natter is now a researcher and doctoral student in the independent research group ‘Space, Contexts, and Crime’ (Department of Criminology). She is involved in the project Cri­me, In­se­cu­ri­ties, and So­ci­al Dy­na­mics in Ur­ban Neigh­bor­hoods, and her work focuses on contextual influences on perceptions of insecurity at both a local and larger societal level. Her main research interests are spatial crime analysis, quantitative methods (especially multilevel analysis), and criminological theory.


Kriminalität, Unsicherheit und soziale Dynamiken städtischer Wohngebiete

Das zen­tra­le Ziel der Stu­die „Kri­mi­na­li­tät, Un­si­cher­heit und so­zia­le Dy­na­mi­ken städ­ti­scher Wohn­ge­bie­te“ ist es, die Be­zie­hun­gen zwi­schen Kri­mi­na­li­täts­pro­ble­men und der so­zia­len Ent­wick­lung von städ­ti­schen Wohn­ge­bie­ten im Quer- als auch Längs­schnitt bes­ser zu ver­ste­hen. Zen­tra­le Fra­gen sind: Wie neh­men Be­woh­ne­rin­nen und Be­woh­ner Kri­mi­na­li­tät und Un­ord­nung… mehr

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